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Turn on the iOS screen recording feature and keep a video of everything on your screen.

Since iOS 11, the iPhone and iPad have a feature that offers the ability to record everything that happens on the screen. Ideal in particular for recording your video game parts, recording the screen in iOS also allows you to record the sound.

The feature, which can only be accessed from the Control Center, is not enabled by default. Here’s how to activate and use it.

1. Open Settings

Go to iOS Settings , enter the Control Center menu , and go to the Customize Controls section .

2. Activate Screen Recording

Scroll through all the options displayed, and then in Other Commands , press the + button next to Record Screen .

Move the function by using the handle on the right to change the location of the screen recording module in the Control Center.

3. Start the screen recording

Deploy the iOS Control Center now by swiping your finger up from the bottom of the screen on the iPhone 7 and 8, and swiping down from the top right corner on iPhone X and above and the iPads.

Then press and hold the record button to bring up the options. If you wish, it is possible during the recording of the screen, to capture the audio at the same time by activating the microphone .

Be careful though, the audio recording may not work in some applications. Also note that when no sound is played by an application, the sound picked up by the microphone of the iPhone or iPad will be recorded.

Then start recording the screen by pressing Start recording . Once all the desired items have been saved, you can stop recording the screen by tapping the red status bar at the top of the screen directly and pressing Stop .

Video recording of your device’s screen is automatically saved in the iOS Photos app.

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